Ready to use LinkedIn like a recruiting pro? We will show you how to use LinkedIn to generate organic candidate traffic, draw in perfect tribe members who are aligned to your values and create a brand that'll have your talent pipeline bursting at the seams.

Your employer brand is your reputation and the value proposition you bring to your employees.

 We firstly want to define your employer brand then have this brand be known by not only your current employees but in relevant groups and online communities.

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Creating your Recruitment Strategy encompasses setting your people goals and planning out the initiatives to achieve these goals over the short, medium and longer term.

It should be designed and customised to your business, factoring in your culture and unique selling proposition.

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Ruby Lee is very active on the speaking circuit and has been invited to attend many speaking engagements for conferences, forums, workshops and the like.

Not afraid to tell it like she sees it, Ruby is all about delivering high energy, entertaining and thought-provoking content based on her belief that everyone should #ownyourhustle. Ruby will leave the audience energised, inspired and curious to learn more.

Ruby's key topics include Personal Brand, Social Media, Side Hustles and Hiring for your business.

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