People Accelerator


Let me guess - you didn't create a business to spend all your time writing job descriptions, dealing with recruiters and spending hours of your time interviewing unsuitable candidates. Sound about right? One issue, you're not quite ready to hire a full-time HR person or Recruiter just yet. That's where we come in.

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Think of us as your Head of People when you need to make a critical hire or scale fast and don't know where how to start.

Our People Accelerator program is designed for founders to create and embed a sustainable people strategy aligned to your business vision and goals. To do this, we will work as your integrated people function alongside you and/or your management team. 

So whilst you focus on your product/ service, we will create and embed your people strategy saving you time and funds (oh, those recruiter fees can be huge!). At the end of the program you will have defined people goals aligned to your business vision, a streamlined recruitment process and focussed initiatives supporting your growth across the full employee lifecycle. 

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