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This is our Tribe.


About Tribe9

Founded by Ruby Lee and Michael Poon, Tribe9 is a purpose-driven startup helping fellow startups build phenomenal tribes.

Your tribe is the lifeblood of your business and is made up of your employees (past, present and future), customers (existing and potential), suppliers, partners and fans of your business. We help founders grow their presence online, particularly on LinkedIn, to attract your tribe. When you can define and promote your employer brand effectively, opportunities come to you improving your sales and reducing your hiring and marketing costs.

We can also teach you how to hire better. But we are not a recruiting agency. Sure, from time to time we'll jump back on the tools and add to our impressive tally of 1000+ hires but Tribe9's core offering is really all about helping you promote your employer brand and build a thriving community.

From one startup to another... We understand the startup culture and the ups and downs that come with it, and how each stage of your startup journey is something pretty special. We’re committed to being flexible, collaborative and transparent, rather than policy or procedure driven. From your first hire to your 50th, we’re here to help you thrive. If it's time to start investing in your company culture and future growth then...

Welcome to Tribe9.

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Our Tribe

Hey! It's so good to meet you. Don't be shy - reach out and say hello. 

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"The Hustle Is Happiness"

Ruby is a passion-led individual and has over 10 successful years working with some of Australia's largest corporate recruiting teams; in more recent times helping start ups scale up with innovative recruiting hacks to boot. 

In 2017, Ruby & co-founder Michael established Tribe9 to help funded start ups, scale up and hire like a pro. 

Ruby is also the founder of a global online careers community, RubyLee.Co. Launched in 2015, today Ruby is helping thousands of career seekers and side hustlers find inspiration and empowerment again.

Ruby is a speaker, facilitator and social media buff. She is also a Mum of two boys, an almond croissant addict and avid globe trotter.

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"Don't worry about what other people think. Always back yourself and speak your truth"

During Michael's 20 year span in corporate land, he held key leadership roles in finance, superannuation, M&A, strategy and sales. He takes great pride in managing and leading people and it is this love of people development which naturally led into co-founding Tribe9.

Michael's passion is in partnering with other founders, digital product development and entrepreneurship. He focuses on being an integral part of working with early stage startups on their journey to build, launch and scale their businesses.

Michael is also the Director of RubyLee.Co launched in 2015 and is a keen property, share and lately, cryptocurrency investor. 

When he's not working on the business Michael is either fishing, watching sport or gaming with his two young sons.

What We Stand For At Tribe9


We support businesses to grow their tribes, understand their unique culture and leverage their brand to attract phenomenal employees.


Our Values


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Having fun is the best energy source


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Build great ones


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Work with purpose and enjoy every. single. minute


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Love what you do


Some nice things our clients are saying...

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As a startup, hiring is an exciting and daunting task. We are eager to grow the business and hiring is a key part of doing this, but finding the right candidate is important and we weren’t going to settle for just anyone. Given that we are a startup, who we hire sets a foundation for the future growth and even direction of the business, so the right hire is crucial.


Having known Ruby for some time, her personality and professionalism has shone through time and time again and she is unquestionably someone I can trust with the success of my business. She gave clarity and understanding to a process that was completely foreign to me. From explaining the entire method from A-Z, to then diving deep into each stage and what to look for in each candidate and line of questioning. She was able to coach me through a process that was initially daunting and confusing and within a short amount of time provide the coaching to streamline my hiring process and find the right candidate which I’ll be able to apply time and time again.


Since working engaging Ruby, we have hired a key member of our team who will drive future sales success and without question we wouldn’t have arrived here without Tribe9.

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Carlo Demaio, Board Member of Burwood Healthcare & Founder of Social Seed

I approached Tribe9 to support with the Executive Search for the replacement of our CEO. Ruby had supported me in past roles and had excelled in her approach and delivery of strong candidates, so when I heard she had started her own business it was an obvious choice.

Ruby’s search techniques are brilliant - she presented two rounds of great candidates, many of who were not active in the market and all whom were of high standard. We placed an excellent CEO, who 12 months on, is exceeding expectations.

Ruby’s commitment to the task, professionalism and transparent approach make her a a pleasure to work with and someone you can trust to get the job done. I found the experience incredibly positive and would highly recommend Tribe9 to any organisation in search of high calibre senior executives. Thanks again Ruby.

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