Coaching Startups On How To Hire Phenomenal Tribes. 



You know that the people in your team can make or break your business.

You know that the people in your team can make or break your business.
You know how important culture is as you grow. But you also know that you have a million other things to focus on, and finding the right people to grow your business can be tedious, exhausting and expensive.

We get it, because we’ve been there ourselves and are passionate about working with tech startups.

We help you every step of the way, from making that critical first hire to scaling your team and building a future proof culture.


Are you ready to ...


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Save time

Get back to what your business needs are as you grow and leave the hiring stuff to us. We'll get our hands dirty, drive your people strategy, and streamline your processes. 

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Reduce cost

Hiring can be one expensive exercise. We'll help you recruit without the excessive recruitment fees, just like how an internal talent lead would. Save on the cost without sacrificing on the quality. 

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Scale fast

Attract and retain top talent faster, allowing you to accelerate growth and meet not only investor expectations faster, but your own.

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Need some hiring advice?

We can provide you with one on one advice when:

+ You realise you need to step up your hiring game

+ You want to save on recruiter agency costs

+ You don't have an internal recruiter

+ You have a big vision for your business and hiring is holding you back